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From one of the ladies…

I would definitely recommend making an appointment; even the day shift ladies are usually just getting ready at 9 or 9:30 in the morning so they wouldn’t be completely set to play at that time. Lineups bring out anyone on shift that is not already engaged, but once again, at that time of the day they will probably just be getting out of the shower and you won’t receive the whole “WOW” effect that we try to present here at Sheri’s. Unfortunately, if the lady you were hoping to see is not on shift, you may not be presented with her at all in the lineup.

If you come in and just randomly ask for girls, you are not guaranteed that the lady will be out and ready in 30 minutes as stated before so please don’t bank on this option. There are times that your desired lady may be busy, may have stepped out to run errands, or is otherwise engaged and unavailable. So, please, if you have a strong desire to see someone, make an appointment. The worst that could happen then is that you got to meet the lady of your choice, weren’t able to negotiate a party, and then were presented with another lady that is still in the process of getting ready.

As for the mornings being a time when the ladies negotiate lower party amounts, no unfortunately this is also not the case. But that is an interesting question…

Although, however you arrange things, I hope you have an amazing time on your trip to Sheri’s!

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