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Hi ChelseaFCFan,
Don’t be worried about having to initiate dates or anything like that, the process is very easy. You can either just pick a lady when you get here or you can email a few ladies before you get here and get to know them before hand. You can either make an appointment with a certain lady for a certain day or you can just play it by ear and randomly show up at the ranch one day. It really is all up to you so don’t feel pressured or worried in any way.
The “virgin experience” can be whatever you want it be. You don’t have to rush into a kinky fetish if you don’t want; there is no pressure. However, if you did have any fantasies you wanted to play out this would be the perfect place to do it! What I would suggest would be to maybe spend some time out in one of our amazing bungalows! Depending on what you negotiate with the lady you might be able to spend some quality time out there and maybe eat dinner, take a bath, or just relax. It is your party so just be honest with what you want to do and you will have an amazing time here 🙂 Hope that helped ease your mind just a little bit 🙂

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