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Tatyana said, “I don’t smoke! Gross.”

Dear Tatyana,

I have you listed as a non-smoker and non-alcohol drinker too! I don’t smoke cigarettes but I have a weakness for alcohol at times.

I totally agree, tobacco smoke is very unhealthy. I have asthma so I can’t tolerate it at all. I don’t really think about it in California, because smoking is not allowed in any bar, restaurant, other business or public building except cigar lounges and Tribal casinos. All of my smoking friends don’t smoke in the houses they’re buying either, because they don’t want the residue and smell to damage their home investments.

It might be a good idea for Sheri’s to provide a non-smokers bar, or a place to meet Ladies out of the highly irritating tobacco smoke. The restaurant should be divided from the smokers’ bar because patrons can’t enjoy their meal with someone smoking close by. Las Vegas casinos don’t allow smoking in their restaurants. Many clients have respiratory problems that won’t allow extended exposure to cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke either.

I understand Sheri’s is planning a modern high volume fresh air exchange system for the bar and restaurant which should help immensely. Also, several optimum efficiency ceiling fans, 70 inch blade span minimum, are needed too.


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