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Prostaglandin which is essentially Trimix has worked wonders for years. There’s a limit of 2 to 3 needle sticks a week to avoid building scar tissue. Care must be taken when inserting the Insulin Syringe’s 1/2″ 30 gauge needle that it’s not deflected; it must be kept straight at the desired angle or a bruise may result. It takes a steady hand to make certain the injection is performed gently and it’s easier if a woman assists. Also, the penis must be totally flaccid when injecting the drug or blood from a semi-erection may spurt the dose back out again causing a bruise. In addition, after the needle is inserted all the way, the drug must be injected slowly. If the needle is inserted in the penis shaft about one inch from the abdomen, the needle stick usually isn’t even felt; however, it may hurt if pulled out too slowly.

Successful Self Penile Injection Hints, Questions and Answers: http://www.ustoo.org/PDFs/Injection.pdf

P.S. The Hotel suites have a mini-fridge but the standard rooms don’t so one would have to be requested if available. Oftentimes a small soft-pack ice cooler will suffice, but an interior Ziploc freezer bag of ice must be refreshed from the bar about twice a day. The drug should not make direct ice contact but be insulated by a separate Ziploc bag.

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