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sparksfley & Bad Boy,

The Ultimate Sex Vacation is a brand new program and all the details haven’t been posted yet. A travel agent booking is likely necessary to comply with LPIN laws. However, I would first contact Madam Dena at (866) 820-9100 to obtain all the details. Madam Dena may be able to recommend a travel agent familiar with the packages too.

Amber & Montana mentioned that a Courtesan can’t hang out with a client(s) during their entire visit, since they have other appointments and clients. However, a Courtesan will be in the company of a client(s) for the duration of their sex party. If a client(s) books a two-hour VIP Bungalow party their Courtesan will be in their company that entire time.

Furthermore, clients may socialize with Courtesans in the bar when they are not in the company of another client or preparing for another party; however, these Courtesans must share their bar time between all the clients in the bar until a client books a party.

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