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Big LA Dodger Fan,

Yes, the Ladies love a client who pampers them. I sometimes bring Victoria’s Secret gift cards, Bath & Body Works products (bubble bath & etcetera), or Kama Sutra products (Honey Dust, flavored water based lube and etcetera) for them too. I’ve bought a couple of Pahrump’s Dairy Queen (20 South HWY 160 #109) ice cream cakes too. There’s Joe’s pizza parlor (70 South HWY 160 #107) in Pahrump and they may deliver too. In addition, there’s an Adult Superstore at 330 Emery Street in Pahrump too!

You don’t really need cashier’s checks because Sheri’s accepts major credit cards with no surcharge. I don’t know for sure if they accept American Express though, so you might check with Dena for their current policy. I have used my Discover card and had to call their 1-800 DISCOVER customer service number to confirm it was a legitimate purchase, because they often deny large amounts charged out of state as a fraud protection measure for the card holder. However, I still bring ample cash for incidentals, small purchases, tips and etcetera.

I know you’ll have a great time!


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