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Charina Lee

I think this is a wonderful idea. I love role play and Sheri’s is the best place to “cum” to for role play. The airline fantasy is extremely sexy to me. The airline stewardess outfit can really have a lot of room for personal “spin” and individualized ideas.

I myself would actually choose a very conservative stewardess outfit and like my school girl approach, I would go from very “nerdy”, “geeky” look to unbelievably smoking hot and do this in slow, sensual stages. I’d have my long hair all up in a bun, shirt buttoned up high, glasses, a conservative, but tight skirt. And then it all changes from there as I catch you looking at me every time I walk by. The second time I serve you in your seat you are surprised because my long silky hair is down, my glasses are off, and my white shirt is unbuttoned enough for you to see my super sexy and lacy bra I’m wearing when I bend forward to give you your drink…

Oh my, I could really make this work! He, he he…..I love this kind of tease ending in my initiation into the mile high club!

Yum yum….

Charina Lee

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