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Firefighter, thank you for your comments. Your comment about the injecting the drug slowly gives me pause since I am planning to use the Auto Injector I purchased. It does not allow me to control the speed. I will consult my Dr. about this. He gave me his Cell Phone # for such a purpose, what a guy! Given I will be 69 by then, I am wondering about violating the “once every 3 days” rule. I am wondering at that age if I should worry about scaring given the number of years of sexual activity I may have ahead of me. I see my eleven days at Sheri’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

When my Dr. injected me in his office, I could feel the liquid going in. No pain but an interesting sensation. I build scale models as a hobby and my hands are very steady and nimble so I am not worried about keeping the injection device steady and properly oriented. Dr. showed me how to draw the Rx into the Hypo, just as the PDF says.

One of the benefits of aging is that I have lost inhibitions about talking about my body, its limitations as I age, and how to compensate. One of the reasons I am sharing here is to help other men be less self-conscious. I hope it helps others.

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