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The service that a virgin receives can be completely up to you and you should not hold back explaining exactly what you have in mind. At the same time, remember that life rarely happens the exact way that we want so you should leave room for your expectations to deviate.

Any fetishes you have you can try to have them realized here and you can share your fantasies without fear of being judged. That is probably the best reason to choose to lose your virginity here rather than with a significant other or someone you pickup in a bar. There is less fear of rejection if you have differing sexual desires and even if one lady isn’t comfortably with your idea of a good time, chances are that another who is will not be far away. Vanilla sex is completely acceptable and probably best for a first timer since you are bound to be anxious enough already. And what happens if you find your whole body shaking when you approach those doors? Just take a deep breath, and go inside. The ladies are more than understanding about the nerves that a virgin has to confront, but I am sure you will be put at ease and have a great time!

There are a lot of other informative threads that you can find by typing in “virgin” in the search box under “topics” for this forum. Among those, there are also blogs written by some of the ladies who cater to virgins. Violet and Charina have both written their own, and then there is my favorite written by Eva Morales entitled “Tips for Male Virgins” which should give you some guidance in gentlemanly etiquette and help to reassure you in whatever transpires during your debut.

I believe you can develop more confidence for future relationships by taking this first step, but as many things in the world, there are many ways to enjoy sex and many “firsts” you will have still if you choose to explore your sexual journey with an open mind. Speaking as a client who lost my V-card here, I find that I have much more confidence in my own abilities and communicate better with all sorts of people since.

My final note is that there are many avenues for meeting people other than at parties. Think of all the attractive women who have similar interests as you and dislike partying and clubbing; now where are they going to find an amazing stud who just learned a trick or two at Sheri’s Ranch to share with them? And besides, quantity doesn’t automatically equal quality. All the people who go to parties may be having the sexy time of their lives, or they could be like one (fairly handsome, I should say) guy that I just recently meet at a party; he has two girls that he is seeing, but neither is particularly attractive, and he told me he won’t even go down on either of them because it feels awkward!

Anyway, I think you will have a great experience. Good luck!

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