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Interestingly, I would be curious about what the ladies opinions are about gentleman’s apparel when the come to Sheri’s. Having been an executive with Fortune 500 companies, owning my own business today, and yes, I live on a Farm in the Midwest, I am as comfortable in Jeans, a Flannel Shirt, as I am in my Suits, Ties, or Formal wear.

What makes a guest the most desirable?
1) “Suit’s/Ties/White Shirts?”
2) “Business Casual (Sport Coat, Slacks, Collared Shirt)”
3) “GQ Look”
4) “Blue Jeans/Collared Shirt or Polo”

Having visited “Gentlemen’s Clubs” all over the world, and since I am a people watcher, I have seen the extremes when it comes to women’s tastes in men.

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