Reply To: Sheri's Ranch versus Craigslist



There’s big differences since craigslist sex for sale (indie prostitution) is illegal. If a date is arranged with a woman, there’s no choice because men responding to her ad aren’t given a lineup. They may have wasted their time and be required to pay the prostitute for her time by breaking the prearranged date. In addition, a craigslist illegal sex client may be robbed, swindled, STD infected, assaulted by her bodyguard (pimp), murdered or arrested by police and have their name and picture appear on the local news. They could be sentenced to jail time, ordered to pay a large dollar amount fine, and lose their job too.

Sheri’s Ranch Ladies are chosen for their professional Courtesan expertise and beauty. In addition, Sheri’s Courtesans are licensed, STD/STI tested weekly and use proper protection required by Nevada’s LPIN statute. There are 24 Ladies available at Sheri’s Ranch that clients may interview before making a final choice. Sheri’s Ranch is a secure licensed brothel where clients may have safe sex with complete confidence and peace of mind.