Reply To: Which Courtesan Has the Sexiest or Most Seductive Images?



One of the best things about a ranch is that there’s always a girl that appeals to all the difference things us men like. So when I read threads like these it’s good because you might take a second glance or see things in a new way.

Having said that there’s a ton of pictures here that have caught my eye more than once especially because of inexperience on my part and a love of women in sexy lingerie. So hard to pick one girl but I figure I will give props to the sexiest pics I have seen.

Sasha – her pics in that black lace seduce me every single time. makes me smile no matter what day I have
Olivia – on the bed in black/white lingerie and her black/white shots are amazing! she’s gorgeous
Violet – love her new lady in red pics
Karli Brooks – shot of her on the bed is one of my favorites
Michelle – great, great nude shots that never leave your mind
Suzanne – love the white shirt pics, very sexy!
Allissa – sexy lingerie/nude pics, plus love the sultry looks in each shot
Eva – The pool table shot leads to a lot of fantasies.
Emma – Love her red lingerie shots by the bedpost
Amber – nude with pearls. Whew. Sexy as hell.

Obviously, a lot there. What can I say, just a lot of beautiful, sexy women.