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John Doe – I understand your concern, but there is just no realistic way to quote you a price ahead of time. (Don’t forget it’s also illegal for them to do so) It also wouldn’t be accurate for me, or anyone else, to tell you what we have spent…every patron, courtesan, party parameters and situation is different. Please don’t assume that the ladies are being evasive…they really just aren’t able to talk prices outside of their rooms.

I know this sucks for first timers who are just trying to get a ballpark figure for a budget together, so I’ll pass along a little analogy that I once read, courtesy of the lovely Sensual Phoenix:

Price ranges are roughly equivalent to those of a fine watch…some can be had for $$$ (house minimum), others go all the way up to $,$$$, or $$,$$$ or even $$$,$$$. It all depends on what type of watch (experience) you want to have.

My advice is to bring as much as you can, pick a lady or two that catches your eye (if you can get a little email twitter dialogue going, that’s even better), and then see if they can work within your budget. In most cases, unless you have unreasonable expectations, something can be arranged.

Good luck

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