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Gosh, ShyGuy, could you imagine a world in which men didn’t fantasize having sex with women? There would be a lot less children around and people to talk to, that’s for sure. The desire for sex is one of the three most powerful urges humans have, the others being hunger and the will to survive. I don’t think you could consider yourself evil for having sexual fantasies.

I agree with Paul that you have a duty as a man to be respectful towards women. As long as you try your best to communicate your desires honestly with the right people, at the right place and at the right time, and do not force your way when you are told no or when the other person seems to be uncomfortable, you are not evil for wanting sex.

What the other ladies have said is consoling for us clients. Audrey, I like how you describe it as being desired, because I think that’s how many of us guys like to think about sexual relations, too. I think few of us want someone who is just there, but want a whole person we can interact with, please, and be pleased by in an embodied experience. It’s great to have Montana’s and Red’s reassurance that our compliments can be flattering, though, I believe it’s an art form to compliment a woman in a way in which feels flattering and not crude.

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