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Kellie Love

Hey There Baby Monkey,

Welcome to the West Coast! I’m excited that you are considering coming into the Ranch. There is nothing more comforting than leaving your desires in the hands of a professional, who know how to fulfill each any every desire you will have. Being just out of my teens also, I can relates to being young and experienced, but at the same time, still mature and experienced enough to guide someone into an extremely pleasurable, and memorable, first time experience. I understand that you have this idea of what your sex life should be like, but everyone is different and moves at their own pace, in situations they might have other wise not considered. When there is a connection, a few moments can feel like an eternity, and that is the type of experience that I can share with you. Your past experience, or lack there of, won’t hinder you; think of yourself as a clean slate who did not have to deal with the typical issues associated with young love and heartbreak. There is a spiritual connection that is sacred between two people when they share their bodies, and everyone deserves to feel that passion at least once. When you remember that there is a difference between lust and love, you will know that the time you share during intimidate moments are just that; moments, not an ongoing, monogamous relationship. As a courtesan, there is a delicate balance to master the heart, mind, and body, and trust me baby, you are in the best hands. Send me a message and I will be happy to further ease your mind of any other discomforts you may have.



P.S. I enjoyed reading and responding to your “essay style” post. Nothing wrong with a man that knows how to use his syntax and diction correctly! 😉

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