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Hi @brbp90x,

4. If all you want to drink is water that is completely up to you; the bartender will not turn you away if you only order water. In fact she may even offer you the option of bottled or tap 😉

5. Technically since we are on shifts there will be ladies available, but keep in mind that we do sleep sometimes 😉 I don’t entirely recommend lineups during that time, but what I would recommend is to email a few ladies and then make an appointment with one of them. This way the lady you choose is prepared and ready to play hungry hungry hippos with you and not half asleep 😉

6. Well you can certainly ask for anything…the worst answer you’ll get is a no 😉 As long as we play hungry hungry hippos before p90x then I’m down, because I will be way too exhausted to play hungry hungry hippos after p90x 😉

7. You will not be sent to your hotel room 😉 There will be no time outs unless maybe we go into the classroom in Playland 🙂 If you just want to take a nap then we could negotiate that…or if you want to play hungry hungry hippos, or twister, or clue, or pictionary, or Wii….then we could do any of those things. It really is up to you and what you want to do! 😉

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