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So how did it go? Did you go?

As for being 30, don’t worry. I’m a 37 year old virgin. I missed out on sexual activity all through my 20’s and most of my 30’s. You still have your 30’s. I’m in your same situation. I’m just about completely disassociated from the sexual side of living in today’s world because of my lack(absence) of experience.

It is frustrating, embarrassing, sad, depressing, upsetting, disappointing, dismaying, and stressful that there are guys where I live(Orange County) who have sexual activity regularly. Guys in various ages including 18, 20, 24, 19, 21, 26. I’m 37 and haven’t even started yet. But I’m hanging in there and plan to go to Nevada soon. My health potential may be limited by lack of sexual activity, lack of intimacy, lack of ASMR(brain tingles), etc. Not to mention the upset and bothering thoughts from missing out during my entire 20’s. But I’m still determined to at least lose my virginity by 38. Then I’ll go from there and live with limited health potential and see what I can scrape up from this life.

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