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Matt Ibbotson’s abusive and irresponsible post is indicative of Internet troll activity. Alternatively, he may be a disgruntled client who is suffering from buyer’s remorse syndrome but it’s doubtful he even partied because Violet doesn’t remember what would have been an unforgettable experience.

This is an unsubstantiated derogatory rumor and should not have been posted on this forum because it has absolutely no validity since there’s no corroborating evidence. This is not the poster’s personal experience or firsthand knowledge of an actual occurrence; conversely, it’s based on unconscionable heresay, unverifiable disparaging remarks and wild accusations.

Matt Ibbotson’s unbelievable statements are not based on fact but fabricated details and hateful innuendos instead. It appears that it’s their intention to defame Violet and Sheri’s Ranch with bogus allegations. Violet did not steal their money and she is not a con artist or a criminal, and those are libelous and fictitious charges that were made.

It’s obvious that the scenario is untrue since nobody would negotiate that price party for 10 minutes time unless they just fell off a turnip truck. Parties must be booked by office personnel and they monitor time limits, so it’s virtually impossible for a high-end party to end in 10 minutes. I’ve personally had over 100 Sheri’s Ranch parties, and never once was my time shorter than negotiated. In addition, Sheri’s Ladies are accomplished professional Courtesans, and I’ve never experienced a subpar or even average party since they’ve all been fantastic.

Matt Ibbotson’s inflammatory statements are designed to discredit and attack Violet and Sheri’s Ranch with fraudulent accusations. Malicious attacks are usually committed by unscrupulous individuals exhibiting megalomania psychopathological symptoms, excessively vindictive people or former associates waging personal vendettas against innocent people and reputable businesses.

Macbadger, your post of Matt Ibbotson’s libelous statements was inappropriate because the accusations are not corroborated or based on fact. The post was essentially a character assignation which is NOT allowed on this forum. Just because it was posted elsewhere on the Internet does NOT afford you the right to post it on Sheri’s Ranch Forum. There are numerous illicit and rogue Internet websites that allow posters to attack innocent people, but that is NOT allowed on this forum. The Internet is flooded with false information, libelous statements, derogatory and abusive assaults upon people, but it will NOT be tolerated on Sheri’s Ranch Forum! Please refrain from making this type post in the future, since it may jeopardize your forum account. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!

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