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I too would like to hear some of the Ladies’ interesting stories of encounters with clients deserving of the a$$hole tax.

The a$$hole tax generally stems from clients being disrespectful, exhibiting bad behavior, displaying poor hygiene or etcetera.

A client usually doesn’t know that an a$$hole tax has been applied to the Courtesan’s price. In certain cases a Courtesan will refuse to party at all if a client is totally reprehensible, unclean, abusive, obnoxious or obviously under the influence.

The following is a related thread from June 2013.

Courtesans Appreciate Gentlemanly Behavior ~ otherwise you get the A$$HOLE TAX

Clients may avoid the a$$hole tax if they behave in an acceptable and respectful manner and maintain good hygiene habits. The following two threads should be read by newbies before visiting a brothel and many potential problems will be avoided.

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