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I didn’t forget to mention other Nevada counties that allow outdates, because I wasn’t posting a detailed analysis of outdates throughout the State of Nevada. I didn’t post complete information concerning LPIN outdates or the specific legalities involved because that wasn’t my objective. My post was concerning my outdate only. If another member disagrees with a poster or has valuable additional information, then they should simply post that valid knowledge citing references in a dignified manner. If a member is concerned about the legalities regarding outdates, they should refer the specific county codes and ordinances or Nevada statutes.

STOREY County!/StoreyCounty05/StoreyCounty05.html

LYON County

NYE County

ELKO County

NAC 441A.800 Testing of sex workers; prohibition of certain persons from employment as sex worker.

NRS 441A.120 Regulations of State Board of Health; performance of duties set forth in regulations.