Reply To: Sheri's Cribs!



AWWW, YAZZZ FLINT! I wish Sheris was a Chain in every country, all part’s of the world how much more peaceful the world would be. “Peace not War” BC Possibly then it would be as easy to stay involved in, mmm the Orgasmic Hot Fun, Sheris will always have to offer.
“Never ending” Bc we are a House of Fun! I am always smiling here:) You TOO! We can just plan our “work vacation’s” to all the #sherisCribs in all part’s of the world, Like my dancing only visiting chain Strip clubs then wile I am performing/working, I am also getting to enjoy the air of a new local And kind of like the way I have a goal to get a Tee-shirt from every Hard Rock Cafe in the world, instead it would read……
“I stayed at sheriscribs” Location…. MOON

Nothing like a wake up call with a boob grab.

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