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While it can be said that Sheri’s isn’t supposed to be a high pressure environment, you have to understand that we are salespeople and different salespeople have different approaches for enticing their potential customers to buy their product. Therefore, even the 10-minute interview process with all the ladies can turn into a high pressure situation; especially to a very shy person.

My recommendation would be to peruse the website and choose a few ladies you find appealing and would like to speak to. Then, allot yourself plenty of time to make your way to the Ranch; driving yourself to ensure you also don’t have anyone else having to wait for you to finish your “stay”. If you are able, rent a room in the hotel, and upon your arrival let the hostess know that you are going to acclimate yourself to the environment for a bit (check into your room, maybe grab a drink and some lunch) and then would like to speak with…

While you are calming your nerves for the first hour or so you are with us, make sure to look around the bar and at the lineup monitors in the bar to see if there is anyone whom you didn’t see on the website that you would also like to add to your list and, when ready, ask the hostess to send over those you wish to talk to. The main thing to keep in mind is that your stay is dictated by your actions and desires. The rules in the bar, while helpful to keep the order within the ranks of ladies, can be rather confusing to those who aren’t here often or used to controlling their surroundings. This being said, without a bit of a plan, you can be pressured into doing something you may not initially have planned for because you will be approached by some of the most amazingly beautiful, talented, scantily clad salespeople in our country…

Good luck, lol, you have been forewarned…

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