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hoochie coochie man

All of the above is accurate. Let me make a suggestion. As Montana mentioned, you should get a room at Sheri’s. You can spend some time there to rest up, chill out, whatever. On the room TV is a channel showing the bar area. You can watch that to get an idea of what you will be walking into.

Then when you go to the bar, ask the hostess to bring you a menu, and order dinner. (The food is very good, btw.) The ladies are not allowed to bother you while you are eating. Something about good manners, apparently. That would give you about 30-40 minutes to look around you, check out the ladies, see how things work. Then when you finish your meal, and the ladies start approaching you, you will have a better idea of how it works.

In their ten minute time allotment, I’m sure some of the ladies will be more aggressive than others, but do not fear. It is not high-pressure. They are there to make money, but they understand that different guys have different likes. If you are not interested in that lady, or would just like to talk to a few more before you decide, just tell her that, be firm, they will understand and graciously leave.

Good luck my friend.

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