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Firefighter, I’ve also been tripped up by a line-up call, which is another high-priority item at Sheri’s. I didn’t even have a chance to talk about a party with someone I had REQUESTED and partied with three times previously. I literally had just purchased her drink when she was snatched away, then chosen from a line-up. Of course, having an appt. is the only thing that trumps a line-up call, but that’s not always possible.
In my opinion, only the ladies NOT OTHERWISE OCCUPIED should have to respond to a line-up call. I had REQUESTED this lady, this wasn’t a ten-minute rule thing where she was making the rounds. Why am I less a customer than some Newbie (most line-up calls are from Newbies) who arrived five minutes later?

Going back to the couples thing, I had asked the lady to come back later. She simply didn’t, and was hanging out in the bar. And I still contend that couples are a higher priority. I’m sure that there have been times where I was talking to a lady and some other guy may have interested in her.
But no one has ever been whisked away because of that. I recall that this lady didn’t say “someone else” requested her. She specifically said a “couple” requested her, indicating that carries more weight.

From the preferential treatment I’ve seen given couples, I’m half-afraid that I’ll be in the middle of a party when a couple wanders in and requests the same lady. I hope they don’t break the door down and throw me off the bed to satisfy the couple’s request.

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