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Sheri’s is not an automatic lineup brothel like most others, but you’re right newbies seem to regularly request a lineup. I have learned now that if I’m talking to a Courtesan with whom I’m exceptionally attracted and a lineup is called, I’ll ask her to not stand in the lineup since I want to discuss a party and then negotiate; if that situation applies you might inform the hostess of that fact too. If you don’t have an appointment, it may be advantageous to enter the bar and request a lineup immediately; in that way, you would have your selected Courtesan captivated and secure from the next lineup or another patron or couple snatching her away, lol. However, there is usually no substantial problem unless the bar and brothel are relatively busy; my optimum time for making love is normally between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm which are comparatively slower periods of the day.

The best way to place a hold on a Courtesan temporarily is to make an appointment with a specific Lady by prior phone call or upon entering Sheri’s Ranch notify the hostess you desire an appointment or immediately make that appointment in the office. Keep in mind that an appointment is not a firm commitment to party with a specific Courtesan. However, a client should notify her promptly of their decision to nullify the proposed party. If for some reason you decide a Courtesan is not suited for you, then any other Lady can always be selected. Also, if a client can’t keep an appointment it is necessary to notify the office as soon as possible; otherwise, the Courtesan will be waiting for the client and not booking other parties during that timeframe.

Furthermore, if you’re having a conversation with a Courtesan with whom you believe you’d like to party, inform her of that fact and ask her to temporarily stay in your company until you agree on the details of a party; it may be worthwhile to notify the hostess too. You cannot negotiate price in the bar though, since it must be done in private.

I must spend a reasonable amount of time discussing party details before making a commitment too, so I’m fairly certain the correct decision is being made; however, it is of primary importance to notify the Courtesan that you want to party, but it depends on whether a Courtesan appeals to you during your conversation before you make that final selection.

If you’re ever thrown off the bed in the middle of a party by a demanding couple, hopefully you’ll land in a soft place, lol! It’s true that a couple’s party may be more costly than a single client’s, but both customers are equally important to Sheri’s Ranch.

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