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Firefighter, you brought up some interesting scenarios about how guys can manipulate either line-ups or appointments to get to a selected lady. Maybe I’ll use them as examples in another post. And I will definitely use them myself in the future.

I too like to spend as much time in the bar, talking about as much of the party details as allowed. This way I can weed out the “five-minute, one position girls”. I can also tell them that since I do this a lot, my price structure is naturally different from the once-a-lifetime tourists. Which is why it’s disconcerting when a couple can jump the line as I had barely started talking to this lady.

I have a follow-up question. If the scenario was the same but the roles reversed, what would be the outcome? Say a couple was the first to request a lady and had been barely been talking to her five minutes.
Then a single male decides he wants to “request” her also. Would the hostess have pulled the courtesan away from the couple the way she was pulled from the single male?

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