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It is my understanding that neither couples nor single clients have priority over one another and that’s as it should be. All Sheri’s Ranch clients are regarded equally and there is not supposed to be any preferential treatment.

If a Courtesan had been talking with a single client or couple for five minutes and the hostess requested her presence at another table, it would depend on the circumstances. Did the client impress upon the Courtesan that they are seriously considering a party? Did the Courtesan inform the hostess that she was in the middle of discussing party details? Did the Courtesan state that she was making progress concerning a potential party? Did the hostess ask pertinent questions concerning the Courtesan’s and client’s conversation? Only the Courtesan and Hostess in question would really know the answers with any degree of certainty.

Clients are supposed to be allotted ten minutes of a Courtesan’s time if the bar and brothel are very busy, but sometimes they lose track of the amount of time actually spent. However, if a client decides to make a commitment and wants to negotiate, then that client has a temporary hold on the Courtesan and they will adjourn to her room to conclude the discussion. All I can relate are the basic policies and how it’s ideally supposed to function. If you are ever confused concerning Sheri’s Ranch’s standard operating procedure or experience any bewildering occurrence it is best to discuss those idiosyncrasies with the Courtesan, Hostess, Dena or Gloria immediately.

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