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Hello there, Abhishek! I lost my virginity at the same age that you are (about six months ago). The brothel experience is much friendlier than I expected it to be and I had many fears to go with my decision in making it out there. But I can tell you that there is honestly nothing to be afraid of. There is a lot of virgin excitement at the ranch right now and you can see it in their eyes how excited they are for you to embark on the journey after being so patient! I recommend that you read the latest blog on this site entitled “Tips for Male Virgins.” Just about everything you will need to know is there for you and there are no illusions. And what Charina Lee says is true. Most likely the girl who steals it away from you will be remembered by you forever and I can testify that they will be worth it. As for the adrenaline rush, it probably won’t go away the first time. Lord knows I was extremely nervous. But you’ll become comfortable. Also, I disagree that you are still a boy. At 24 you are a man; virgin or not. Make the optimum decision you think you can for yourself and just have fun exploring this aspect of your life. Best wishes to you!

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