Reply To: Couples vs. Singles



rewith85man, as far as time, the busier it is, the more competition there is in general. Evenings are busier than afternoons, weekends busier than weekdays. Whatever events/conventions are in Las Vegas will also increase business.

So I don’t think the important thing is so much time, as doing the things that will “out-trump” a couple. If you want to speak to a lady without interruption, you have two options: making an appointment or calling for a line-up, then choosing your desired lady.

A lot of Newbies misunderstand about appointments. It is not an appointment to have a party. It is simply an appointment to see and talk to someone, no more. A lot of Newbies are given a guilt trip and end up doing a party with someone they find doesn’t interest them after actually meeting.
And you can make an “instant” appointment. If a lady is out in the bar, she doesn’t have a previous engagement. You can either make an instant appointment by talking to the hostess, or call the office while on your way.

The other option is the line-up. I used to frown on line-ups (I’ve only done one). But from now on I will use it where needed. If you see a lady in the bar, she is likely on shift and has to respond to a line-up call. In a twist of fate, she’ll have to leave a couple to answer the line-up. Then you choose her.

Just like in a deck of cards, different cards outrank others, at Sheri’s an appointment or line-up can be used to prevent a couple from usurping your time.

I was truly miffed when I “requested” someone at the next table, but before I had spoken for more than a few moments, a couple jumped the line with their own request ( they were allowed to talk to her longer, but they didn’t party with her).