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Sheri’s Courtesans are independent contractors so you must first select a Lady. The private negotiation between you and your Courtesan encompasses time and the type of party you desire such as a GFE and etcetera. Party prices will only be quoted at Sheri’s Ranch during negotiations with your Courtesan to comply with LPIN (Legal Prostitution In Nevada) laws and stipulations.

This sex menu will provide an explanation of basic services but you may custom design a party of your own.

You may peruse Sheri’s Courtesans’ Official pages by clicking on their thumbnail photos.
Current Lineup:
Scheduled Ladies Coming Soon:

Sex Parties are available in your Courtesan’s bedroom or one of six themed bungalow suites.

Clients should read Dex’s Newbies Guide since the information contained therein will answer typical questions.

I recommend staying in Sheri’s Hotel since it will allow you more time to select Courtesans and party.

I’m certain you’ll have a fantastic time at Sheri’s Ranch!