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It’s a natural phenomenon for lovers to become attached to one another regardless of the fact that the lascivious encounter involves a Courtesan because they are only human. Courtesans must condition themselves to not easily fall in love with clients if possible, and because of their professionalism they can’t allow a romantic client relationship to interfere with their occupation. Both client and Courtesan are termed promiscuous because of their participation in LPIN sexual activities, and the client must realize that it’s their Courtesan’s job to have intimate relations with other clients. If a client spends a considerable amount of time at SR, it may help coping with the jealously through becoming intimate with other Courtesans in an attempt to make their favorite Courtesan jealous, lol. Courtesans are barred from meeting clients away from the brothel premises by contractual agreement, so a Courtesan would have to retire for a permanent client relationship. In fact, there have been a few Courtesans over the years that have retired to marry or cohabitate with a special client.

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