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Something that would absolutely blow me away?…

There are many things that blow me away in life like the wind lol but none more than the thoughtfulness of a gentleman that loves to spoil his women with gifts. As everyone else says it the thought as well as the surprise of it all that counts.

I think Montana hit the nail on the head when she suggested asking about hobbies. I for one think its rude to ask for a particular gift. Women have a way at hinting to what they like or dream of having, a good listening ear helps with this.

The gifts that have been most precious to me are not lavish at all. In fact one of them happens to be a wooden spatula that I love cooking with by the way! Someone and I were discussing wooden utensils I had mentioned that I couldn’t find a spatula anywhere they were nice enough to get me one. I just thought that was super sweet.

But your question is what would we like to receive…. I enjoy spa trips, photography, music, a great novel, paintings, clothes, and more than any of what you or I mentioned to cuddle with someone and be in the moment.

Now what would absolutely blow my mind is my dream car I seen it years ago it was on a fwy in Los Angeles it was a dark blue Lamborghini but there’s one clause I want the hot Asian girl that was driving it too, talk about the girl that got away she was mine :)….Now find me that and I have been blown to the moon and back!

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