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Charina Lee

I think being who you are as a person is the most important thing. Like the saying “time heals all wounds”….well, time and experience and practice allows us to grow into the people we become! I myself love shy….If you look at my reviews, you will see many that are related to either shy or nervous or virgins, etc…..The variety of the people we meet, is what is so fun and enlightening working at Sheri’s. There’s people that worry about their age, their weight, their skills…..I simply don’t care about any of those things…..And I pride myself in getting to know people and appreciate all the differences in each and every one of us…..

Think about it….if we weren’t accepting of all the different types of people that walk in our door, then how would we even get along as courtesans….What if I’m in a lineup and you pick someone else? What if no one wants me all week, but several other girls are busier than busy?

We wouldn’t be able to get a long and be part of a professional resort without accepting the fact that we can’t be ALL things to ALL people!!! We can try…but guess what….not always possible. We too, can become a little insecure. We too can lose a little confidence….But the women here encourage each other. It’s always easier said than done when someone says “don’t worry”…..Some of us will worry or feel a certain way until TIME helps us grow a little more certain, a little more comfortable…..The power of the mind and our thoughts determine who we become…..So, keep coming….LOL (I could have spelled that differently)! You will feel more and more relaxed and comfortable every time!



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