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If you are already in Las Vegas, I recommend visiting Sheri’s Ranch instead of emailing. Also, it’s preferred to stay at the Sheri’s Ranch hotel for a couple of days so you don’t feel rushed too. The hotel is complimentary for a minimum amount party which is very reasonable. I would notify the hostess upon entering the bar that you wish to talk to several different Courtesans about losing your virginity. In that way you may determine if a particular Lady and you develop romantic chemistry. I believe it’s more productive to meet a Lady in the bar rather than pick from a lineup because you have no idea if you’ll make a connection or be compatible. There are several Ladies that love to teach virgins about sex. In addition, there are Ladies that provide the full girlfriend experience but with condom protection of course. All of the Courtesans are independent contractors and have a personal menu of services they provide. In reference to GFE, there are Ladies that kiss, provide fellatio, allow cunnilingus and all of the Ladies engage in intercourse with STD protection, but you must ask them specifically and politely what they offer after breaking the ice. It’s quite common for a client to talk to all of the Courtesans individually at a private table and then settle on one to flirt respectfully and engage in gentlemanly but candid conversation concerning your intimate feelings for her, your sexual desires and party objectives.

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