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Believe me, I would love to visit Sheri’s Ranch. Unfortunately my flight leaves tomorrow very early otherwise I would have at least made the attempt (got in to Vegas at 7 PM yesterday and leave at 8 AM tomorrow).

I do intend to come out to Vegas sometime in the future for an extended stay of at least 3-4 days (hopefully at least a few of which I intend to spend at the Sheri’s ranch hotel).

So as for the “tutoring” experience, that would be considered to fall under the GFE then?

Also, what about my question about letting the lady choose which services she provides? Like I said, I’m not sure what I would enjoy (probably quite a few things). Is it acceptable for a lady to choose? i.e. could be something like femdom, conventional sex, toy show, etc (or any other combination) that the lady feels most appropriate, enjoyable, or just feeling up to it.

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