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Okay, so it appears from what you are saying that contacting the courtesan(s) ahead of time is one of the more important things to do.

Are there any keywords I should look for beyond “GFE” and “Virgin” or is it also acceptable to contact those that do not have those in their profile but whose profiles I am drawn to?

Also, I read the GFE thread but I’m still not 100% sure what it means (beyond just “girlfriend experience”) if that could be explained a bit better that would be very helpful.

Is there any particular time of the week/month/year that is better (or worse) to arrive? I.e. is the middle of the week slightly better than weekends, is 4th of July just a madhouse, etc?

So, just to clarify, these appear to be the steps that need to be taken to get the best experience (please add/correct anything if I leave it out or get it wrong).

1. Contact and arrange with the courtesan(s) on what is desired, if it is acceptable, when they are available, etc.

2. Make a reservation at the Ranch hotel.

3. Rent a car from Las Vegas to drive to the Ranch.

4. Be nice (possibly bring a gift(s)).

5. Make sure personal grooming is up to snuff (although for “manscaping” is it desired to be completely shaved, just short, or does the preference vary wildly from lady to lady?).

6. Meet courtesan(s). (Although if found to be incompatible may different ones be queried?)

7. Discuss arrangement(s) and price.

8. Have a party (whoo!).

Edit: I forgot to ask…do the parties take place in the courtesan’s personal room or a bungalow? I know the bungalows are available (or at least I’m pretty sure) but is the courtesan’s room also an option (or is that typically the default)?

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