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Firefighter – why limit yourself to just the edible panties? I have not yet met Olivia but I definitely would want to examine a few possibilities before deciding on a favorite for her! 🙂

Olivia – What makes panties sexy for me? Yes, a matching bra (or no bra) can definitely help but I like the idea of seeing people in lingerie/underwear because it gives a hint as to their personality. Boy Shorts give a playful, enthusiastic vibe. French cut panties can give a sensual, elegant impression.

Because panties are typically not seen by most people they tend to be a more honest impression of what a woman’s personality is, or what she is thinking/feeling at that moment. The blouse and skirt (for example) being an outer shell and the lacy thong and matching bra being her nod to her needs/thoughts/desires

I hope that helped, and when I make my first visit maybe we can talk some more! 😉

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