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Hello again, and thank you 🙂

The use of protection during cunnilingus makes total sense, and Erin you are totally right in that in all my fantasies I simply overlooked the need for protection while performing cunnilingus.

I think it’s starting to make sense how it functions. Whether through saran wrap or an actual dental dam the material covers the woman’s vulva entirely and is secured down (By the lube Riley referred to perhaps?) and then I start licking away. Since the material is so thin sensation gets through and happiness ensues but no moisture can penetrate and this makes sure the act is safe.

Assuming I am right(Am I?), that doesn’t sound bad at all! My mistake was thinking Dams had a gap in the middle… I just couldn’t get the vision of how they worked into my head. 🙂

Thank you all for the great answers and helping this newbie understand, I’ve already traded a couple of emails with one of you wonderful ladies and can’t wait to meet you all in person!

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