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When I was a little boy Disneyland was my “Happiest Place on Earth” and “Most Magical Place on Earth” but now that I’m an oversexed older man in the prime of virility my favorite “Fantasy Faire” and “Utopian Sexual Paradise” is this Southern Nevada Brothel. I hope that outdates will eventually be approved by the licensing authority because I’d like my favorite Courtesans to visit me at my senior home facility when the time comes; of course, she’ll have to arrive in a risqué Disney costume as Cinderella, Snow White, Cruella De Vil, Wicked Queen or Tinkerbell but NOT Sleeping Beauty! I’ll bet most Courtesans haven’t experienced hospital bed sex! In addition, by that time I may have my Medicare approved “bionic penile implant” too so I can be an outstanding Lady pleaser and assist my Lover to hit the high notes of lustful sexual pleasure! I want my Lady to scream out “firefighter you lecherous animal” in lascivious excitement upon achieving the ultimate squirting orgasm of her lifetime!

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