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Amber Lynn

@eva …I am not musically enclined in the least bit, so I find it fascinating that you play the cello…

@firefighter…it sounds like you are quite the shot! I love that own your “computer geekiness” but as quiet, the verdict is still out on that one! Lol! I know you too well!

@pierced…a fellow nerd and ratnaphobic! Who doesn’t love masturbation? I personally think that women enjoy it just as much if not more, and perhaps enduldge as frequently but we just are as vocal about it!

P.S. your light saber is incredible…for some reason….I have nothing but naughty thoughts involving your light saber!

@kimmyd….the fact that we are both caffeine addicts is yet one more thing we have in common….it’s all starting to make sense! Lol!

@ naughtytatyana…you are fabulous! Although I must admit that I am a bit jealous of your ex boyfriend…lol! I am from Kentucky so my odds aren’t much better!

@ ranch mama…I must say that you mask your shyness incredibly well, I never would have guessed! Sheep are cool, but you can’t forget about your fainting goat!

@jazzmark007…I love your openness, there is nothing wrong cashing in your “v” I am sure you had the most incredible and unforgettable experience! Most would be envious of all the fun you had!

@mrpaul…liquid can go along way! I am sure a few of us ladies would love to teach you a few things when you visit the ranch in June!

Thank you all for participating! You are all fabulous…stay tuned for the next fun thread!

Amber Lynn

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