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Ok I think I can give it a go..

1) I am an EXTREMELY shy smart ass! I don’t like being put on the spot, I get beet red! LoL (which makes me go further into my shyness..) and would rather turn away from big crowds.. I prefer a one-on-one conversation with people I don’t quite know yet.. But I will have a quick come back and generally something funny to say (well… at least funny to me hehe) if the conversation or comment calls for it 🙂

2) I don’t know how to meditate, so I use my workouts as meditaion..It’s a great stress reliever for me, I prefer to run. Ask anyone that knows me, I try to be in the gym almost everyday for at least a good run.. When one of my older brothers was training for the Marines, he would take me along, that’s where it all began..

3) I am a 5’9” natural blonde, light skin MEXICAN! Yes, we come in all shapes, sizes and skin colors.. No I’m not albino… Mexicans are mestizos, remember?

4) I absolutely love love love a good massage and the more sensual side to sex and foreplay.. There’s nothing like building up the anticipation with caressing and slight teasing..

5) I generally keep a close knit group of friends.. Ones that I love like family, take care of when need be (my cancer-like mama bear side comes out) and can be my non-shy self with.. It takes a lot for me to open up to new people, plus my shy and sometimes quiet demeanor comes off as ‘bitchy’ so I guess it also takes a lot for people to approach me LoL

6) ok…. I have a MAJOR girl crush on someone in the house.. She is beyond sensual and sexy and just.. Wow! She is such a flirt and is constantly teasing me… If only we could have more 2-girl parties together…

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