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6 Things You May Have NEVER Guessed About Firefighter:

1. I shoot Sheet, clay targets thrown from high and low houses at eight different shooting positions. Skeet differs from Trap shooting since Trap birds are all thrown away from the shooter from 5 different shooting positions and varying distances. I shot 10,000 12 gauge shotgun shells one year which equates to 400 rounds of skeet. My best day was 156 straight birds (six rounds) before missing. Also I shoot 40 S&W semi-auto, 45 ACP semi-auto, 38/357 revolver, 44 Mag revolver, 5mm spring gun and 308 rifle. In addition, I’m a NRA Benefactor Life member.

2. I’m somewhat quiet since I like to evaluate people initially before divulging my innermost thoughts. I like to play pool with the Ladies since it gives us a chance to get acquainted and build a connection or instill romantic chemistry. Playing pool is a great icebreaker and a competitive sport too.

3. I’m a computer geek too I suppose, since I spend hours on my laptop (no porn either, lol)! I wear glasses to read and operate a computer since I’m slightly near sighted, so I guess I’m a nerd too. I’m 6’2” tall and 215 pounds weight.

4. I like two and three girl parties, since they’re usually fun type parties. However, most of the time I’m in the mood for strictly romance I prefer single Lady parties. Also, I’m at the age where I have trouble handling more than one Girl at a time.

5. I like handcuffs, Japanese silk rope, Kama Sutra products, ostrich feathers, sleep masks, raspberry lube, discipline paddles, ice cubes and whipped cream for those sensual moments.

6. I work out five times a week and enjoy my time at the gym. It keeps me in reasonable shape and helps prevent injuries while preforming everyday tasks and sexual acrobatics. I like mountain hiking too for exploration, fun and exercise. BTW, Pahrump is the eastern gateway to Death Valley National Park, the largest National Park in the US, and it’s only an hour away.

Alright there you have it… 6 little known facts about me… Next persons turn!

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