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Kimmy D

* I love to read and write naughty literature, what started out as reading a book to pass the time ended with a “self-love” party! I realize how much I love to explore the erotic side of my imagination.

* I am a caffeine addict! I absolutely must have my morning coffee and like to drink it hot even in the summer time.

* I am an adrenaline junkie for sure. I am into Extremes, whether it be speed, heights, or just having FUN I don’t like to do anything in moderation!

* I love to RIDE!!! I love motorcycles, and I ride a sportbike. My first love was a GSX-R 750, and with each mile my love has grown deeper and deeper.

* I am very much an exhibitionist and LOVE to perform in front of people. I grew up doing gymnastics, ballet, cheer, and drill team so I am definitely not a shy girl. Being on stage is a high for me!

* I frequently do volunteer work. To me it is very refreshing and rewarding in its own right. I have worked with the American Red Cross in several national emergencies to organize and assist, as well as donating blood.

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