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1. I’m actually very shy and do not like big groups of people. I have to give myself a motivational pep talk in the mirror to psych myself into the moment. …. you can do it… you will not trip, fall flat on your face with your skirt over your head… no. nothing is in your teeth…

2. I love, love, love Holstein cows. My second job ever was milking cows on a large dairy farm in New Jersey. They stole my heart at the tender age of 16. I would get covered in cow manure, walk into any store at the end of the day and ALWAYS get to the head of the line. I got perverse enjoyment from watching the line part like the Red Sea.

3. I have a major passion for creating things, from cooking things from scratch to building and growing things from start to finish. Latest mission… get a sheep.. learn how to shear it… learn how to spool the wool.. then knit a sweater from it.

4. I’m having an on again off again love affair with potato chips. The salty goodness of the heavens… yummmm

5. My favorite body parts on a person are their hands and eyes. I find them to be fascinating and beautiful. Guess that makes me a hand person?…

6. I hate wearing shoes! Can’t stand my feet being covered.

- Dena | Madam of Sheri's Ranch | @RanchMamaDena

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