Reply To: A few firsts with Allissa


Amber Lynn

Allissa you are FABULOUS! I love you topic!

Word: Not quite sure
Kiss: 8th grade…behind a tree
Job: ice cream shop…its was the only place to work in my itty bitty town in KY…heck we only had one traffic light!
Car: ’88 VW Jetta…you had to crank the sunroof!
Living on my own: 17 when I went away to college
Plane ride: too young to remeber
Brothel: July 2011 @ Sheri’s
Toy: If you have ever seen my collection…I have far too many to narrow it down to just one
Two Girl Party: 2 girls are fabulous! I have had some fun one with Allissa…you can never go wrong with a blind folded cock sucking contest! It’s priceles! I love partying with Olivia too…she was my first here at the ranch!

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