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In regards to the transport issues as it applies to your visit I still recommend renting a car. The drive is very nice, cruising through the Sierra-Nevada mountains and observing country many never get the chance to adds to the experience. However, if your going to be a “one hit wonder”, just there to lose your V-Card, and wish to go by way of the whale it is certainly your decision. Should you do so I hope you get Warren, he’s got quite the personality ( and if you do give him a hard time for and from me!!)

I’m also working on building a visual and if I remember correctly there are two doors; one to the hotel and the other to the brothel, correct?

No, this one goes into the Parlor ( Directly into the Brothel part of the building.)

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As you approach the building its the door located next to the ramp for the physically encumbered.

This door goes directly into the bar:

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This is your best option you can go right inside. If you use the parlor door you’ll have to ring the bell and be received.

Upon entering the bar the hostess will greet you and guide you on your way.

As far as determining which lady to choose, your over thinking this. Take this from a guy who has been around a good long while. Ditch the lists and the line-up, go to the bar and mingle this way you can access the personal chemistry between you and the ladies. If you wish to meet a lady you don’t see in the bar just ask the hostess if she’s available the hostess will summon her to the bar where you can meet. This is also a time where you can engage the girls in a game of pool, some are quite good, I’ve had some of the locals join in as well. Many times the “short list” goes up in flames once you get in the bar and work it. It seems you are in overdrive with this issue put it in cruise control, relax and enjoy the ride.

The bar is a mix of the ladies and locals mostly and there are some of us “hotel guests” and brothel players. The bar is frequented by tourist, local and brothel dog alike. In years past I have been in the midst of the Red Hat Ladies so the clientele of the bar can be quite diverse. Its a mid size bar with a pool table, popcorn maker ( I think its still there.), a video game machine, juke box, a small stage for ladies to dance and multiple TV’s. The gift shop is just off the bar area as well.

As far as your approach, just be you, unless your a jerk then be almost anyone else. Don’t put on airs and be a poser, this is walking completely in the wrong direction. The ladies are aware of neophytes and the stress this creates, they will roll with this and put you at ease. Just relax, be open, kind, respectful and your understated persona will fall into place with little to no effort. I will note that personal hygiene is important be clean in person and dress. After shave, deodorant et al will go a long way in making the experience better in the long and short run. A little manscaping never hurts either.

As far as what the ladies like in a gentleman caller and your party concerns is something you should take up with them when you are at the ranch. There is not pat answer for your query, this includes your panties request. These ladies are individuals, as such they all have different tastes, specialties, likes and dislikes. This is why I advise you to work the bar you need chemistry, first and foremost, then you will feel at ease moving forward with the party and any concerns therein. Be tactful yet honest and forthcoming in the negotiations, leave nothing to chance, full disclosure is advised. Don’t try to be slick and hustle them ( this is where you will get eaten alive, this is their backyard, varmints will pay a high price for playing the stupid card.) just be fair and upfront. Don’t be afraid to walk, meaning don’t feel pressured to close the deal on a party you don’t feel right in doing so. Many are scared of this as its akin to rejection and disappointment, I’ve done it several times over the years once you understand how liberating this can be its a very good quality to have.

Gifts are not mandatory but very nice and thoughtful ones are certainly appreciated by the ladies. If you rent a car you can go into Pahrump and find something suitable for your individual lady after you have all the details necessary…..see rent the car!!!!

My advise, Be kind, respectful, clean, treat the ladies as you would any woman of substance and have your expectations commensurate to your negotiating abilities. Then all things should fall into place for you.

My Best,


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