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Charina Lee

To me, a total preview would be showing what’s “down below”!!!! Being raised on an airforce base as a young Filipina, I saw a lot of “pin up” pictures, posters, etc….Pin up photography is still very popular. Playboy was so successful for years without showing all the goods! Firefighter always makes some great points, but let’s face it. We are all different in what we like and don’t like. I think a woman can show a little breast and still be a super tease in her photos. But, that’s just me!!!

For me, I was never concerned about family or friends finding out what I choose to do as my profession. When I say I love what I do, the proof is in my photos. IF family or friends cannot accept what I do, then their love or affection for me is conditional. I keep my personal life as low profile as I can, but not for reasons of shame or embarrassment, but for my own personal safety. Recognizing that some people are simply just not READY to accept what I do….I simply do not choose to “slap them in the face” with it!

It’s funny, but if a friend or relative said to me….”wow, I saw your photo on Sheri’s website….why are you working there?”
I would reply….The real question is…..”why are you looking at Sheri’s website?” Hmmmmmmm? LOL. Making an appointment? Hmmmmm?

There is still an attitude that’s prevalent with some people, that if you are in the adult industry, then you must be “easy and sleazy”….When in fact, most people I’ve met in adult “entertainment” are actually pretty darn conservative.

But, that would be another discussion all by itself!

Hugs, Charina!

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