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Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans are normally available between the hours of 11 am and 3 am the following day; however, you may make an appointment with a lady in advance for any agreed upon time. It’s difficult to say which visiting time of the day is best, since the Ladies are assigned shifts; therefore, it will depend on which Lady you want to meet. I usually walk from my Sheri’s Hotel room to the Sports Bar just before 11 am and stay until I find the right Lady, although I return to my room frequently during the day for showers or other personal errands.

The Weekly Ladies Lineup photos will appear on monitors in the Sports Bar, so you may see which Ladies are scheduled. It’s best to become acquainted first through email or frequent visits to the Ranch, so you may develop romantic chemistry or make some type of connection.

Sheri’s Ranch is not an automatic lineup brothel like most others. A lineup must be requested from the Hostess on duty, but a lineup is very impersonal and you only perceive a Lady’s outer beauty. If you request a lineup, you may want to spend a few minutes in the Sports Bar first before adjourning to the Lady’s room or bungalow. It’s better to get acquainted with the Ladies in Sheri’s Sports Bar, since a true connection can only be made after personal communication.

Upon arrival you may talk with the Hostess and request that she send several Ladies in successive intervals to your table for short introductions. Fifteen minutes is usually the maximum time a Courtesan may entertain a patron in the Sports Bar unless a party is planned. If you have a list of Ladies from email or Sheri’s Official Ladies Pages you wish to meet, ask the Hostess. If the Ladies are not in the Sports Bar, the Hostess can contact them.

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