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To me the worse part of the new forum is the loss of all the history.


Good to see you hope all is well.

I couldn’t agree more. There were years of great threads in which much sage advice was provided. AlanSmith, ThrillHill, Doorknocker, Smoothtalker, and of course yours truly, in addition to many other stalwarts who contributed during this peak period in the biz. I can’t tell you over the years how many neophytes I brought to the dance and taught to Tango. These files unfortunately all lost.

However, in all candor, I didn’t find many of the uninitiated who actually used the search function well. Some did, advisedly and/or without prompting, but largely it wasn’t regarded as highly as was deserved. For some of us it was a nice stroll down memory lane from time to time but I think it was a great utility which gathered dust.

My Best,


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