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Dear Lady Char,
I’m glad you noticed the deficient Forum participation, and I emailed Dena recently informing her that posting on the new Forum is lacking. It may take considerable time for Forum members to become proficient with the new system and overcome the temporary defects. I actually prefer the old system at this point, since it was more versatile. There were more options for font type, size, color and emotion symbols. The new system has some glitches that need to be addressed such as a member not being able to edit a thread where they have initiated multiple posts or replies. I haven’t discovered one yet, but the Forum needs a detailed help screen. Also, I edited one post for a typo only and when I clicked update my paragraph spacing was eliminated. Then I couldn’t edit again because it was a thread where I had added multiple posts, and the edit link didn’t reappear! In another instance the system automatically double spaced my lines and I couldn’t revise it to single space. Hopefully, the new system bugs will be rectified soon, and Forum members will become proficient and frequent posters again. The only way to perfect the new Forum is for members to provide constructive criticism to Dena and Aaron.
This is a separate complaint concerning the Lady’s Official Page Reviews. Aaron stated he plans to make the Ladies’ Official Page Reviews subject to sign-in same as the Forum because of repeated malicious posts and other problems, and I totally agree with his plan. In addition, I hope an edit option will be added too. The annoying review posting delay should be eliminated, since it no longer serves a purpose and it was flawed anyway sometimes stating a poster had already rated a Lady when in fact they had not; besides, the block can be circumvented by posting from different Smart phones or laptops utilizing unique Internet service providers.
Also, there’s another deficiency with these reviews, since the STAR system has a design flaw. If a client clicks on the left side of the fifth star it will register 4.5, but 5.0 will appear if the right side is clicked. Granted there is small print below the stars that states “you have rated 4.5” etc, but most people don’t notice this; after the submit button is clicked the post can only be edited by Dena. What really matters is that unintentional downgraded ratings continue to be posted, and this is disadvantageous to both the Courtesans and Sheri’s Ranch. A rating system that erroneously penalizes a Lady instead of glorifying her as intended by the client cannot be tolerated and needs to be fixed immediately, and I’ve complained about this problem from the onset. In my opinion each of the five separate stars should represent only one number instead of being overly creative having the same star represent multiple numbers. The ratings of the five stars could be programmed 5, 4.5, 4, 3.5 and 3; I have never had sex worthy of less than 4.0 and certainly no lady is worthy of less than a 3 star rating. I believe a rating of 1, 2 or 3 is unjustifiable and essentially a cruel insult. In short, I believe if there’s a system problem fix it immediately, instead of allowing a detrimental program to exist! Other brothels sabotage Sheri’s Ranch enough so they must refrain from undermining themselves.
XOXOXO firefighter

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